Iran: Won't be 'our failure' — Rouhani reacts to US' possible withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stated that it will not be Iran's failure should US President Donald Trump seek to «decertify» the Iran nuclear accord (JCPOA) agreed in 2015, from Tehran, Wednesday. A decertification by Trump would leave it up to Congress to decide whether to pull the US out of the deal. «If our malevolent opponent and enemy withdraws from the commitment, this is not our... Еще failure, but a failure for the other side,» stated Rouhani during a cabinet meeting, before adding, «we chose the right course at that point in time, and we entered negotiations well and negotiated with all our might and accuracy, and what we achieved was the best possible.» Rouhani called JCPOA «the biggest test for all the governments participating in the negotiations» stating that its fulfilment is «the basis of the world's trust in that state.» Rouhani also commented on the US president's intention to designate the country's Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) a terrorist organisation. «The Revolutionary Guards are not a military entity; they're in the heart of the people. Revolutionary Guards, in all the days of danger, have defended our national interests,» he said.
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