Iran: 'We will not hesitate' — Rouhani threatens military action against US interference

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned that his country will «not hesitate» in using military action to defend Iranian missile production against interference from the US at a session of the Islamic Consultative Assembly in Tehran, Sunday. “For defending our nation, any weapons of any kind that we need, we will not hesitate in using them,” Rouhani stated. President Rouhani stated, «We have... Еще built missiles, are building missiles and will build missiles, and this violates no international laws, and it is not in conflict with resolution 2231,» drawing anti-US chants in reaction from the Parliament. Rouhani continued that the US withdrawal from the Iranian-US JCPOA nuclear deal was, «explicitly violating previous agreements and neglecting a UN security council-approved agreement.» US President Donald Trump made the decision to renege on the JCPOA deal with Iran on October 13, which was agreed under the Obama administration in 2015. The deal has now been referred to congress for further deliberation.

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