Iran: 'We stand with Syria' — Supreme Leader Khamenei's adviser

Ali Akbar Velayati, adviser on international affairs to the Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei, condemned the US-led airstrikes on Syria while speaking in Tehran on Sunday. «Iran stands with Syria and continues the resistance and cooperation and support of official government of Syria,» he said. Velayati went on to say that Syria is 'tolerating an unfair international pressure including... Еще Israel's incitement and with the command of the US, and with the support of reactionary forces, which Saudi Arabia is at the top of.' Velayati made his comments after returning from a four-day visit to Syria. The US, UK and France launched air strikes against multiple government targets in Damascus early on Saturday morning, targeting alleged chemical weapons sites as well as a Syrian military base in Homs. The air strikes are in response to claims of an alleged chemical weapons attack on Douma last week. Syria and Russia have both denied the allegations, calling them «staged» and a «fabrication».

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