Iran: US security experts warn against all-out war in Middle East

US security experts warning about the serious consequences of carrying out regime change in Iran and the Middle East, at the New Horizon international conference in Tehran on Tuesday. Former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Military Intelligence officer Philip Giraldi did not think that the United States' exit from the Iran nuclear deal could be the catalyst for war. However, Israeli manoeuvres... Еще in the region combined with what he perceives as, US Donald Trump's diplomatic impulsiveness, could be the trigger for a wider conflict. Dr. Scott Bennett, ex-serviceman from the U.S. Army 11th Psychological Operations Battalion feared that European political leaders were not alive to the dangers of conflict in the Middle East. «If Syria and Iran have regime change, we'll have a massive human tragedy and catastrophe of forced migration and it would cause severe problems for Europe,» explained Bennett. Another senior US security policy analyst Michael Maloof, this time from the Department of Defense, believed the world was looking at a «repeat of 2003», only a wider scale drawing in other regional and world powers.

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