Iran: US 'can't eliminate us and can’t make us surrender' — Khamenei in Eid al-Adha speech

The Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei stated that the US «can't eliminate us or make us surrender,» during a speech on Friday on one of the most important Islamic holidays, Eid al-Adha. While highlighting that the US was Iran's biggest enemy, Khamenei stated: «Their long term goal is to bankrupt the country [Iran], is to bankrupt the government, that means disintegrating the country's economy and collapsing the country's economy, naturally if a country's economy disintegrates and collapses, to continue living would be impossible for it.» «Well, they have a side goal with this means, which is to cut the relations between the Islamic Republic with organisations and resistance forces in the region, because they know the Islamic Republic will help and support them as much as it can,» he added. Khamenei also took the chance to speak about the ongoing protests taking place in the United States, telling viewers that their administration is confused and denouncing what he defined as a wrong system. «They may suppress the movements that are [happening] on several states of US streets, and turn them off temporarily, but the fire beneath the ashes will remain, [it] won't be destroyed and it will burn. These things, the current US system, these things will be destroyed and the reason is that the system is a wrong system.» During his speech, Khamenei pointed out the times that he alleged the US has tried to create an enemy and stated that the US government was the country's own biggest enemy. «The US has no enemy bigger than its own nation. Right now, the US regime is the biggest enemy of the nation. [They shouldn't] be looking after another enemy,» he said.

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