Iran: 'Trump should try reading history and geography' — Rouhani responds to nuclear deal breakdown

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stated that the country's nuclear missiles are meant for defence purposes only, as he addressed his people on a televised speech in Tehran, Friday. The statement comes after US President Donald Trump refused to certify that Iran is complying with the JCPOA nuclear deal earlier in the day. «Our weapon, our missile is for our defence,» said Rouhani. «We were always... Еще trying to build weapons which we needed and from now on we will try more. Our weapon is for our defence and we continue defending and reinforcing our defence,» he added. Speaking about Trump, the Iranian president said that his US counterpart «apparently doesn't know» that the JCPOA nuclear deal «is not a bilateral document between Iran and the US, he behaves in any way that he wants.» Rouhani then invited Trump «to read both history and geography better and international agreements, as well as world literature, ethics and customs.» Trump said that Iran had failed to comply with the JCPOA nuclear deal, which had been agreed under the Obama administration in 2015, during a speech delivered at the White House, Washington DC, on Saturday, despite international observers disagreeing. The President stated that the deal will be referred to Congress for consultation.
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