Iran: 'Trump's last breaths' — Tehran residents ask Trump to end sanctions after election loss

Tehran residents reacted, on Thursday, to newly imposed US sanctions, calling for US President Donald Trump to end them following them in the last weeks of his administration, following the US presidential election. «These are Trump's last breaths,» said Esmail Shirazi, a local resident. «He has not succeeded and thinks that in these last moments he can do something. These last moments will not work anymore. The people of Iran are overcoming difficulties with their own internal resources, their youth, their own thoughts, science and thought, and their reliance on God.» Nasreen Nasiri, another resident said, «They themselves are full of problems. When we look, there is always a flood, their forests are on fire, their people are on the street and they are homeless. I do not know how they abandoned their issues and are thinking about Iran's internal affairs.» According to the US Treasury website, the names of nine individuals, including Iran's intelligence minister, 49 institutes, and a ship have been placed on the sanctions list for various reasons including alleged human rights abuses. As President Elect Joe Biden was Vice-President in former President Barack Obama's administration, during which the Iran nuclear deal was signed, many are hopeful Biden will return to the deal Trump left, imposing fresh sanctions on Iran and tried to further isolate the Islamic Republic in the Middle East.


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