Iran: Trump's call for negotiations 'publicity stunt' — FM Zarif

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif questioned Washington's trustworthiness in its approach to Iran, calling US President Donald Trump's recent call for negotiations a «publicity stunt.» He made the statement when speaking to the press following a cabinet meeting in Tehran on Wednesday. «The Americans were never honest in this sphere. Mr [Donald] Trump's move was a publicity stunt. One... Еще factor that can prove Trump's total lack of concern for the Iranian people and international commitments is that the first batch of sanctions that Trump reinstated against Iran was related to aviation industry, that is, even prior to August 6 when the first wave of sanctions was re-imposed, the first thing the Office of Foreign Assets Control [OFAC] did was to revoke the licenses of 200 airplanes, which the people of Iran were going to use,» said Zarif. Earlier in the year, Trump announced that the US would withdraw from the Iranian nuclear deal, known officially as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), and re-impose sanctions. Washington called on Iran to agree to new negotiations in order to avert the sanctions. Tehran has dismissed the US call for talks, noting that Tehran would be open for talks if Washington proved its trustworthiness. When speaking to the press, Zarif said that «these zigzagging moves show the untrustworthiness of the US.» The Iranian foreign minister also said that compared to the sanctions imposed on Iran in the past, «now the EU says that it will not only not abide but also seek allies around the world, in fact a world consensus has been formed against the US move.» He went on to say, «Of course, it should not be denied that the US has entered the scene with a bullying approach and big economic pressure. But the reality I am seeing is that has come forward with more than an economic pressure but a psychological war. It is carrying out this psychological war with our partners, and also unfortunately it is carrying out this psychological war inside our country.» On Monday, Washington introduced measures affecting aviation, financial, automotive and metals sectors, in a bid to ramp up economic pressure on Tehran.

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