Iran: ‘Trump has mental health problems, he’s the second Hitler’ — Iranians react to President’s nuclear deal refusal

Iranians on the streets of Tehran shared their views on the move by the US President Donald Trump, whereby he condemned Iran as a «fanatical regime» and said that he would not sign a nuclear deal which would see Iran's nuclear capabilities curbed in return for lesser international sanctions, Friday. «I think this reaction which Mr. Trump gave about JCPOA [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action... Еще] shows that Mr. Trump has mental health problems and I think this situation, which was made by Trump, means he's the second Hitler impacting on our lives,» said Alireza Agah, an Iranian student. Trump said that Iran had failed to comply with the JCPOA nuclear deal, which had been agreed under the Obama administration in 2015, during a speech delivered at the White House, Washington DC, on Saturday, despite international observers disagreeing. The President stated that the deal will be referred to Congress for consultation.
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