Iran: 'They are stuck' — Rouhani reacts to US presidential debate

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani commented on the first presidential debate that took place between candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden, during a weekly cabinet session held in Tehran on Wednesday. «[If] some of our people have seen the debate last night, or today read [about] it in media or social media, you will see what kind of situation they are in, how they are stuck,» said Rouhani. The Iranian president criticised the US's handling of the coronavirus pandemic, the internal unrest ravaging the country, as well as their foreign policy. «They did not achieve any victory in their foreign policy. They have always failed in their foreign policy, not only towards Iran, but also towards the region [Middle East], the Pacific, Europe, and towards NAFTA. They failed everywhere,» he said. Republican candidate Trump met with his opponent, Democratic nominee Biden, in what was a heated first presidential debate, at Case Western Reserve University, in Cleveland, Tuesday.

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