Iran: 'There are diplomatic solutions' for seized UK tanker — Govt. spokesperson

Despite escalating tensions between Iran and the UK over the latter’s seized oil tanker in the Persian Gulf, Tehran is still seeking «diplomatic solutions» to resolve the issue, according to Iranian government spokesperson Ali Rabiei speaking in Tehran on Monday. «We still believe that there are also diplomatic solutions to deal with this problem,» said Rabiei who criticised London and Washington... Еще for their double standards on the global scene. «If they themselves take an action, it is fair and just. But if we take a legal action, it is unfair and unjust,” added Rabiei who said in seizing the British-flagged oil tanker, Iran had sought to ascertain its sovereignty on its territorial waters. On Monday, London called for its European allies to form a «maritime protection mission» in the Strait of Hormuz in response to Iran’s actions. According to an Iranian state-run news agency, the Stena Impero tanker seized on Friday was using the exit lane to enter into the Strait of Hormuz, almost colliding with other vessels **no access israel media/persian language tv stations outside iran/strictly no access bbc persian/voa persian/manoto-1 tv/iran international**

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