Iran: «The Iranian Nation has seen your crimes» — Rouhani slams US

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani slammed the US for committing «crimes throughout history» during a speech in Sirjan, in the Kerman province on Thursday. “Let no one in Washington think that they can decide for the great Iranian nation. The Iranian nation has seen your crimes throughout history”, said Rouhani. In addition, Rouhani strongly criticised the role of the United States in the Middle... Еще East, and seemingly blamed them for the instability in the region, “you invaded Afghanistan and Iraq and help ISIL and it is you who does not want security in the region.” US President Donald Trump reaffirmed his condemnation of the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers during his State of the Union Address, stating, “I am asking the Congress to address the fundamental flaws in the terrible Iran nuclear deal.” The deal, which has been regarded by many as a breakthrough for global diplomacy in the region, lifted nuclear-related sanctions against Iran.

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