Iran: Tehran to increase uranium enrichment level beyond deal’s limit — Rouhani

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned that Tehran will start increasing the uranium enrichment level well beyond the limits set by the 2015 nuclear deal. Rouhani was speaking at a cabinet meeting in the capital on Wednesday. «After July 7, our level of uranium enrichment will not be 3.67 percent anymore. We will forget about this obligation and we will increase it by as much as we want and by... Еще as much as we need. We will bypass the level of 3.67 percent», said Rouhani. He also said that Iran has surpassed its enriched uranium stockpile limit of 300 kg (660 lb) but the country could back to the previous amount to save the deal if the US follows up on its commitments. «We will return to the level of less than 300 kg, as soon as you return to your commitments. It is not a big deal. Even if we have 10,000 kg and want to return to 300 kg, we can do it like we did it before. We sell it to Russia and get yellowcake», said Rouhani. Tensions have been rising since Iran announced in May its partial withdrawal from the nuclear deal signed with major world powers in 2015, after the US unilaterally pulled out from the treaty in 2018 and imposed new sanctions. restrictions: no access israel media/persian language tv stations outside iran/strictly no access bbc persian/voa persian/manoto-1 tv/iran international

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