Iran: Tehran's Grand Bazaar reopens after shutdown

Tehran's Grand Bazaar reopened after a recent shutdown caused by thousands protesting against rising prices and the plummeting value of Iran's currency, the Rial, on Wednesday. People were seen walking between isles, as shopkeepers reopened their stores. «To avoid damage to the windows, we closed the shop for two days. But today we opened up. Right now the only thing we want is the dollar rate... Еще to be fixed. Whatever rate the government considers, let it be fixed. So that we can make our purchases based on that, sell our items,» shared his thoughts one of the shopkeepers Mostafa. Tehran's Grand Bazaar came to a halt on Tuesday, with stores shut down as some shopkeepers joined protesting crowds, who knocked over dumpsters and set them on fire. Economic unrest has afflicted several major cities in Iran including Isfahan, Arak, and Kermanshah as the country is suffering from heightened sanctions and unregulated increase of goods.

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