Iran: Tehran residents react as Adidas ends Iran football shirt deal

*NO CUTAWAY AT SOURCE* *NO CUTAWAY AT SOURCE* *NO CUTAWAY AT SOURCE* *NO CUTAWAY AT SOURCE* *NO CUTAWAY AT SOURCE* Locals reacted to the reported decision by Adidas to stop supplying the Iranian national team with football shirts, in Tehran on Wednesday. German-headquartered sportswear corporation Adidas has announced that it will cease to serve the Iranian national football team... Еще, according to the Tehran Times. Local residents and students appeared surprised by Adidas’s decision but not overwhelmed, claiming that this gives local Iranian brands the opportunity to pick up the slack. «The Adidas slogan goes 'Impossible is Nothing'. What they did, they proved that they even contradict their own maxims,» said student Vahid Khorasani. For Erfan, «the right reaction is for our footballers to go for domestic products. There is no need. We should become self-sufficient.» «There is no need for us to introduce politics into sports. It is a nasty thing to do,» said Zarei, a local employee. For local resident Madhi «it is no big problem. Iranian brands have to improve the quality of their products, so we would be able to use Iranian brands.» «There are a lot of other brands,» said student Mehrad Molavi. According to him Iran «can boycott Adidas. Let Iranians not use [this brand]. Adidas needs us.» Adidas’ announcement comes after Nike ceased supplying football boots to the Iran football team back in June.

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