Iran: Tehran prepares to celebrate Yalda Night amid rising prices

Tehran residents were seen preparing for Yalda Night, one of the oldest Persian celebration which marks winter solstice on December 22, as footage filmed in the city's Grand Bazaar on Thursday shows. This year's celebrations were marred by rising prices of food, with fewer people buying the traditional fruits and nuts served on this special night. «People buy less than previous years, goods are... Еще more expensive and unemployment can be seen more than before and people are unable to afford their bills,» admitted one vendor in the market stalls. Many also fear that inflation will have a crushing effect on Yalda Night. «Yalda is an old tradition which we have to care about, but people are just visitors. We see crowds and the Bazaar is also packed and crowded but they just look and they are unable to buy items,» warned a customer at the Grand Bazaar. RESTRICTIONS: NO Access Israel Media/Persian Language TV Stations Outside Iran/Strictly No Access BBC Persian/VOA Persian/Manoto-1 TV/Iran International

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