Iran: Tehran has exceeded nuclear deal's enriched uranium limit — FM Zarif

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif announced that Iran had surpassed its enriched uranium stockpile limit of 300kg (660lb) as set by the Iran nuclear deal, in the country’s first major violation of the agreement since the US withdrew from it in 2018. «Iran, as planned, has exceeded 300kg [stockpile of enriched uranium], as previously announced. So we have clearly announced what we will do and... Еще we see it as our right within the JCPOA,» he said. Tehran had previously threatened to exceed the limit if the remaining European nations still party to the deal could not find a way to ensure Iran continued to receive the economic benefits it was meant to receive in return for limiting its nuclear programme. The International Atomic Energy Agency has verified the reports. While the Iranians have currently only enriched uranium to the low 3.67 percent level that is suitable for power generation, the process is the first step on the path to creating the highly enriched uranium required for a nuclear weapon. no access israel media and tv channels, no access i24news, no access iran media and televisions, no access bbc persian, no access manoto tv, no access voa persian for all platforms

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