Iran: Tehran calls US pressure against IMF loan 'a crime against humanity'

Iranian government spokesperson Ali Rabiei blasted the alleged «pressure» of the US government to block a loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to the Iranian government to battle the coronavirus pandemic, calling it a «blatant inhumane act» while speaking to the press in Tehran on Tuesday. «Further delays are no longer justified by the management of the [International Monetary] Fund. The US seems to be playing a role in this delay. The importance of this loan in fighting against the coronavirus is so grave that any jeopardizing of the fund's management by the US is, in fact, a blatant inhumane act,» he said. «We want it for medicine and medical items, and in fact, this US pressure is a crime against humanity,» Rabiei added. The government spokesperson also commented on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), or Iranian nuclear deal, saying that following the withdrawal from the agreement by the United States, the US came out of it «ashamed,» and added that «the one who sits at the [presidential position] in the US and the White House, to earn international credibility, [should] come back to the table which was left.» According to reports, the World Bank has approved a $50 million (€43.9 million) loan to Iran to assist in their efforts to fight coronavirus, far lower than the $5 billion (€4.39 billion) they were seeking from the IMF.

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