Iran: Tehran calls US fighter jet incident a 'terrorist act' — FM spox.

Speaking from a press conference in Tehran on Monday, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Abbas Mousavi touched on the encounter between the Iranian commercial flight and a US fighter jet over Syria, which he called a “terrorist act.” The incident in question occurred when a US fighter jet approached a Mahan Airlines flight bound for Beirut, causing the plane to alter its course, which led to passengers sustaining minor injuries from the maneuver. The flight was passing through Syrian air space and had crossed over the US Al-Tanf air base near the Iraq border. «It was a terrorist act and a terrorist threat that is against all international and juridical criteria and laws,» he said, vowing that the Islamic Republic of Iran would «respond» at a later time with “legal and diplomatic measures.” The US military has claimed that it was carrying out a routine 'visual inspection' of the Iranian jetliner. Mousavi also commented on the transfer of the black box from downed Ukrainian International Airlines Flight 752 to France, confirming that its information will be extracted according to French customs and procedures.

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