Iran: ‘Shameless’ — Rouhani slams US for alleged nuclear threats against Russia

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani slammed what he described as the US' “shameless” nuclear threats against Russia. Speaking at the Sacred Defence Museum in Tehran on Sunday, Rouhani criticised the US, saying that “The same people who supposedly believe that using weapons of mass destruction is a crime against humanity … are talking about new weapons to threaten or use against rivals.” During... Еще the ceremony, Rouhani also emphasised what he said was the country’s need to strengthen its defence capabilities. “Regarding our defence capabilities, we don’t need to negotiate with anybody, we don’t need to make an agreement with any powers and will never need to.» The speech came after the US released its latest Nuclear Posture Review, announcing its intentions to boost its low-yield nuclear arsenal, and accusing Russia of engaging in a range of “troubling” activities. The Russian Foreign Ministry lambasted the document, saying the accusations against Moscow have «nothing do with reality.»

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