Iran: Severe air pollution forces Tehran authorities to close schools and universities

Sever air pollution forced Iranian authorities to shut down school and universities in Tehran on Saturday. Footage shows residents seeking medical assistance in ambulances deployed to several spots in the city with traffic congestion. «The medical ambulance bus which is around the Enqelab square has been visited by sixty-one people since the morning who were given services such as oxygen... Еще therapy and others,» said Saeed Mehr Soroush, Tehran emergency officer. Residents have been complaining about the government's handling of the pollution crisis. «From my point of view, this issue must be assessed [differently] since such measures as closing schools and traffic roads, have been implemented many times but ultimately have not been effective,» said Mohammadreza Shakeri, a Tehran resident. The head of Emergency care service in Tehran said nearly 13,000 people with respiratory and heart problems sought medical assistance in hospitals in the last few days.

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