Iran: Sanctions threaten human tissue regeneration practice

Iran: Sanctions threaten human tissue regeneration practice A company at the heart of Iran's flowering biotech industry has said that foreign sanctions are putting research at risk, in an interview filmed on Kish Island this Thursday. The Iranian Tissue Regeneration Corporation specialises in re-creating human material to be used in transplants. Managing Director Dr. Saeed Bayan Al-Hagh... Еще explained that corporation deals with allograft bio-implants — donated tissues «from the body of a person that has suffered brain or cardiac death» which can then be cultivated into viable replacements for damaged tissue. He added that such allograft bio-implants «have so far been given to 800,000 Iranian patients.» Nevertheless, the company now is struggling with the impact of the foreign sanctions as imposed restrictions affect the equipment the scientists use in their work. «Machines which are used in the final stages in the freeze-drying process, they are directly put under sanctions,» adds Dr. Saeed Bayan Al-Hagh stressing that the health sector appeared to be extremely vulnerable. US President Donald Trump placed fresh and heightened sanctions on Iran after he announced the US's intention to withdraw from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), colloquially known as the Iranian nuclear deal.

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