Iran: Rouhani vows to 'stand beside Iraq' as he meets with PM Al-Kadhimi in Tehran

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani welcomed Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Kadhimi in Tehran on Tuesday, in what was the Prime Minister’s first foreign trip since he took office. Rouhani and Al-Kadhimi were seen entering the Iran International Conference Center, where a ceremony was before holding a joint press conference. “In today’s discussions [we] talked about sanitary conditions of the region and the coronavirus issue. The Islamic Republic of Iran makes this promise to the Iraqi government and Iraqi nation that we stand beside Iraq with all of our capacities and facilities regarding all kind of health equipment and medications,” said Rouhani. “The second issue that was in our discussion was the topic of increasing and expanding trade relations between the two countries and the will of the two governments is to increase the trade relations rate between to two countries to 20-billion [US] dollars,” he added. In addition, the Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Kadhimi highlighted that his country’s policy was based on goodwill in dealing with their neighbours, stressing that the relationship between Iraq and the Islamic Republic could be based on understanding [how] to get the region out of the crisis, tensions and work hard with the countries of the region to reach a comprehensive solution to all challenges.

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