Iran: Rouhani vows to defend Iran amid huge military parade

The Iranian Armed Forces marked the first day of Sacred Defence Week parading missiles and other armaments in Tehran on Friday. The procession passed under the eye of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and other high-ranking government officials. Rouhani addressed the participants, saying Iran «will promote our defensive and military power as much as we deem necessary and increase it as much as we... Еще deem necessary to defend our land.» Continuing, the president stated «We move in the direction of avoiding confrontations and tensions; however, we should always maintain our alertness against conspiracies by others and should enhance our deterrent power day by day.» Iranian Military Forces unveiled a new missile dubbed 'Khorramshahr,' which has a firing range of 2000 kilometres (1,242.7 miles) and demonstrated a wide range of missile defence systems including the S200, S300 among others.

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