Iran: Rouhani dismisses US talks as Trump reinstates sanctions

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani commented on the likelihood of his country starting talks with the United States, speaking at an interview in Tehran on Monday, after US President Donald Trump reinstated economic sanctions on Iran. «What sense would it have to hold discussions parallel with sanctions? I mean, if someone is using a knife against somebody who is his rival or his enemy, and has... Еще driven the knife in the other side’s arm and then says 'We want to talk to each other,' well, the answer would be that first he should withdraw the knife and put his knife in his pocket and then come to the negotiation table,» said Rouhani. Rouhani added that his side are ready to talk to the US if they «pay reparations to the Iranian nation, which it has to pay starting from 1953 to the present, for its interventions in people’s lives in Iran.» «[US President Donald Trump] has to take a few steps back, that is, he should go back to the time before himself, at least, so in order to create suitable situations to better secure the interests of Iran, the interests of America, and the interests of the world,» added Rouhani. The US sanctions are set to come into force on Tuesday. In May 2018, US President Donald Trump announced the US withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal (JCPOA) and the re-imposition of sanctions, claiming this deal is «defective.»

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