Iran: Rouhani condemns UAE and Bahrain over Israel normalisation deals

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani condemned the UAE and Bahrain over their recently signed normalisation agreements with Israel saying their leaders «do not understand religion,» at a cabinet meeting in Tehran on Wednesday. «Where did being Arab go?» questioned Rouhani, adding that «All the serious consequences that occur in this area are your responsibility.» The Iranian president also celebrated Washington's failure to persuade other countries to implement so-called snapback sanctions on Tehran. «You couldn't start at all, you couldn't take a member with you, you couldn't take a step,» he stressed. Rouhani also criticised the US administration for what he called «economic terrorism», explaining that «they are following every step of our ships and our exports and imports.» Last month, 13 countries of the 15-member council of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JPCOA), also known as the Iran nuclear deal, China and Russia rejected US attempts to trigger sanctions. The Israel-Bahrain treaty is set to establish diplomatic ties between the two countries following a previous peace deal signed between Israel and the UAE earlier this month. The agreements have triggered a severe backlash in parts of the Arab world including in the state of Palestine.

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