Iran: Rouhani calls US fighter jet incident 'aerial terrorism'

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani accused the US of «aerial terrorism» after the encounter of an Iranian commercial flight and a US fighter jet over Syria, as he was speaking at a weekly cabinet meeting in Tehran, on Wednesday. «Definitely, it's aerial terrorism, without a doubt. The one who sends a fighter beside a passenger airline did an aerial act of terror and should be confronted as a terrorist, ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) should confront them, the Security Council should confront them,» said Rouhani. The Iranian president appealed to the US authorities for compensation for the «damage» caused to the Iranian people. «Here we say to leaders of the White House, there is no more than one way in front of you about Iran and that is the implementation of rights and law and agreement and rules, and compensating the damage you caused to [Iranian] people. You don't have any second way,» he added. The incident in question occurred when a US fighter jet approached a Mahan Airlines flight bound for Beirut, causing the plane to alter its course, which led to passengers sustaining minor injuries from the manoeuvre. The flight was passing through Syrian air space and had crossed over the US Al-Tanf airbase near the Iraq border.

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