Iran: President Rouhani declares end of 'evil' IS

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani declared the defeat of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), during a speech at the 5th National Congress of the House of Farmers in Tehran on Tuesday. «Today, with the help of God and the attempts of the peoples of the region, we can say that this evil has either been removed or reduced,» the Iranian leader stated. «Those remaining will... Еще continue working, but their foundations have been dismantled,» he added. Rouhani also denounced the Arab League during his speech, describing the organisation as, «old, worn, exhausted and ineffective.» Commenting on a recent meeting of the League in Cairo at which Saudi Arabia called on the region to unite against Iran over its role in regional conflicts, Rouhani slammed the organisation. «It is regrettable that in this situation, the foreign ministers of an old, worn, exhausted and ineffective organisation named the Arab League gather together and speak about why the Yemeni people have been able to respond after enduring two years of aggression, denouncing the Yemeni people's missile attack on Riyadh,» he stated.

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