Iran: Oliver Stone in disbelief over Macron's comments on Iran deal

American director Oliver Stone in a press conference with Iranian media on Wednesday in Tehran spoke in disbelief about recent remarks of Macron about the Iranian deal. «I was particularly shocked last night to come back to the hotel room and see on television, Iranian television, your President Macron, standing alongside President Trump calling on a revision on the Iran deal. Couldn't believe... Еще it. And when I remember very well President Chirac with great pride when he said no to George Bush when he wanted to invade Iraq,» he said. Stone also stated that «doesn't have much sense of history or memory of the great tradition of France.» American film director Oliver Stone is in Iran for the first time and spoke with an Iranian journalist in a press conference during the 36th International Fajr Film Festival (FIFF) at the Charsu Cineplex in Tehran. This year the FIFF will run from April 19 to 27 and will focus on Italian cinema, which has reportedly had an influence on the film industry in Iran and will host participants from eight countries.

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