Iran: Nuclear chief cautions Europe of tampering with Tehran's stability

Head of Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran Ali Akbar Salehi warned Europe of the consequences of undermining Iran's stability, speaking in a TV interview following the inauguration of the Iran's new nuclear enrichment facility in Natanz on Wednesday. «Take a look at Syria… if something happens in Iran, the security of the whole region as well as Europe [will be undermined],» Salehi cautioned... Еще. He also elaborated on Iran's increased nuclear capabilities within the framework of Joint Comprehensive plan of Action (JCPOA) «for R&D purposes». «We can roughly say that Natanz is now ready for 1 million SWUs [Separative work units],» said Salehi highlighting the new plant's increased nuclear energy production capabilities. SWUs are a measure unit of uranium enrichment capacity. «If we were to follow the natural trend, this could have been achieved in 7 to 8 years,» he added. While the nuclear chief emphasized Iran's peaceful nuclear endeavours, he pointed out the capabilities as having made Iran «immune in a lot of ways.» On Tuesday Salehi had spoken about Iran's readiness to deploy centrifuges for uranium enrichment in case the JPCOA were to fail.

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