Iran: Moscow and Tehran 'key pillars of today's new world order' — Valdai Club

Russia and Iran are the «key pillars of today's new world order,» Russian political expert Andrei Bystritskii said on the sidelines of the Russia-Iran Dialogue organised by the Valdai Club in Tehran on Monday. «Of course, Russia and Iran cannot solve all world problems, but agreement, good relationship with Russia and Iran is very important,» he added, noting that the US would face «many... Еще problems» if it derailed the Iranian nuclear deal. Talking about the US' potential reaction to the alleged chemical attack in Syria's Douma, Research Director of the Valdai club Fyodor Lukyanov suggested that if US President Donald Trump orders to carry out a retaliatory strike, «it is just another way to remind that the US is a superpower.» The Valdai Club's Russia-Iran Dialogue is held in Tehran for the first time. It brings together more than 50 participants, including representatives of the Tehran-based Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS).

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