Iran: Larijani warns against US 'lack of commitment' ahead of Trump JCPOA decision

Iran's Parliament speaker Ali Larijani said that US «bullying» will be met by «the loud voice of oppressed nations,» speaking at the Iranian parliament in Tehran on Tuesday. In response to a tweet from US President Donald Trump where he declared he would be announcing his decision on the Iran nuclear deal on Tuesday, Larijani said: «Mr. Trump should understand that the response to political and... Еще military pressure against people of the region is the loud voice of oppressed nations that will resist their bullying.» Larijani also addressed the victory by Hezbollah in the Lebanese parliamentary elections, saying: «Mr. Trump, look at the result of US and Zionists' security knaveries in helping terrorists in recent years, in the votes of the brave nation of Lebanon.» He concluded that «there is no doubt that the lack of commitment in the nuclear issue will have the same result.» On January 12, Trump set a 120-day deadline for US lawmakers and European allies, including the UK, France and Germany, to overhaul the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) or he would withdraw from the deal. May 12 is the deadline by which Trump either has to issue new waivers to suspend US sanctions against Iran or exit the nuclear deal.

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