Iran: IRGC commander condemns US for alleged support of petrol riots

Deputy Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Brigadier General Ali Fadavi accused the United States of supporting the petrol protests in Iran. The remarks were made at a gathering of female members of the Basij militia group in Tehran on Sunday. “Every [one of our enemies] had a hand in these riots and they even officially and quickly announced [their complicity], from the... Еще president of the US to smaller ones. They announced one by one that they were the origin of the riots and supported them and encouraged them,” Fadavi said. Basij women members emphasised their group's solidarity with the Iranian state. «Today we announce that the strong presence of Basiji sisters shows that there is no place for these rioters and they are dictated by the West,” said Moazen, a member of Basij. Widespread protests across the country were triggered by Iran's announcement of at least a 50 percent increase in petrol prices in mid-November.

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