Iran: Iranians unite when bullied — Parliament Speaker Larijani to Trump

US President’s Donald Trump’s bullying approach to Iran would only help to unite Iranians, according to Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani, during a ceremony in Tehran on Tuesday. «Mr. Trump should understand that when you speak with a civilised nation in a bullying tone, that nation becomes more united,» said Larijani making the remarks in a ceremony marking the the 31st anniversary of the... Еще downing of an Iranian passenger plane by a US Navy guided-missile cruiser in the Persian Gulf waters in 1988. Larijani also attributed Trump’s inconsistent handling of Iran to his lack of understanding of the country and the region. «If he understands this, many of their problems in the region will be solved. But this is unlikely to happen. Because understanding such civilization concepts requires mental capacity,» added Larijani. The remarks came after Tehran announced on Monday it has exceeded the uranium stockpile limit set by the 2015 nuclear deal, prompting Trump to say Iran was 'playing with fire'. no access israel media/persian language tv stations outside iran/strictly no access bbc persian/voa persian/manoto-1 tv/iran international

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