Iran: Hundreds of Shias hold ceremony in honour of Muhammad al-Mahdi

Hundreds of Iranian Shia Twelver Muslims gathered in Tehran to celebrate the anniversary of what they believe is the beginning of the twelfth Shia Imamate on Saturday. Footage shows the ceremony attendees as they gather in the Iranian capital. Many of those in attendance called for greater solidarity between Muslims worldwide. Twelver Shiism is the state religion of Iran and adherents make up... Еще roughly 85 percent of all Shias worldwide. According to Twelver theology there have been 12 divinely ordained descendants and successors of the Prophet Muhammad who are known as the 'Twelve Imams'. They believe that the 12th Imam will be the 'Mahdi', or messiah, who will arrive on judgement day and get rid of all evil in the world. This Imam Mahdi, or Zaman, is said to have been born in the 9th century and is believed to still be alive, although disappeared from the face of the earth, waiting to return at the end of days. Other sects of Shia Islam disagree with this interpretation believing in different numbers of Imams and therefore differ as to who they believe is the Mahdi. Most followers of Sunni Islam, which includes around 85 percent of all Muslims, do not believe that the Mahdi has been born yet.

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