Iran: Hardline cleric says Iran will reduce Tel Aviv to dust if threatened

Iranian cleric Ahmad Khatami said that Iran will boost its missile power and «will reduce Tel Aviv and Haifa to dust» if threatened by Israel, speaking at an open prayer in Tehran on Friday. Residents attending the prayer chanted anti-US slogans including 'Down with America' before taking to the streets to join nationwide protests against the United States and Israel. «One cannot trust the... Еще three European countries,» said a local resident when asked about the JCPOA agreement. According to another protester, the US has problem with Iran's independence, «America's problem is not the nuclear or missile programs. If the nuclear issue is resolved, then the missile debate will arise, if the missile debate is resolved then there are other issues: oil, Syria, Iraq,» he said. Trump announced on May 8 that the United States is pulling out of the deal, put in place in 2015 between Iran, the five permanent members of the UN Security Council — the United States, Russia, China, Britain and France — and Germany. Trump also signed a Presidential Memorandum re-instating US sanctions against Iran that had been waived when the deal was signed in July 2015.

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