Iran: FM Zarif calls for pressure on Myanmar over «ethnic cleansing» of Rohingya

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif called upon the international community to «seriously» pursue the issue of a growing refugee crisis in on the Bangladesh-Myanmar border, while speaking in an interview in Tehran, Tuesday. Rohingya Muslims are leaving Myanmar in the tens of thousands, to Bangladesh, following reports of violence against the Muslim minority in the country. Commenting... Еще on the issue, Zarif said, «The international community should be seriously pursuing the situation of this group of people who are being basically pushed to starvation and to ethnic cleansing.» The diplomat also called for Islamic leaders to discuss the matter on the side-lines of upcoming geopolitical meetings, such as the OIC Summit on Science and Technology in Astana or the next session of the UN General Assembly. The latter is indeed «another opportunity for Muslim leaders as well as foreign ministers to get together to request and call upon government of Myanmar to live up to its obligations under international law with regard to the people under its jurisdiction,» Zarif stated. Myanmar’s military claims to be targeting militants in response. However, according to the UN, an estimated 123,000 Rohingya have crossed over the country's northern Rahkhine state into Bangladesh since August 21, amid widespread reports of indiscriminate killings, arson, looting and rape in Rohingya villages. Mandatory credit: Al Mayadeen

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