Iran: Cartoon exhibition in Tehran mocks Trump’s 'Arabian Gulf' gaffe

The Persian Gulf Forever, an exhibition of Iranian cartoons mocking Trump's calling of the Persian Gulf, the 'Arabian Gulf', opened in Tehran on Tuesday. Heydar Imeni, manager of Soureh Cultural and Art Institute said «This exhibition is showcasing caricatures protesting against the recent speech of the US President Trump saying the Arabian Gulf instead of the Persian Gulf.» Religious cleric... Еще Seyted Shahabedin Tabatabayie pointed to the «unwise» words of President Trump as creating a real community and solidarity between all groups in Iran; «If our people have issues with each other, they certainly don’t have issues with patriotism, Iranian ideals and uniting against Trump». «A person like Trump is better off going home, or to the White House, to read the history books instead of interfering with our history. The Persian Gulf has always been called the Persian Gulf even before the existence of the USA,» said Milad Khosravi, a visitor at the exhibition. The cartoons will soon appear on billboards across the capital in collaboration with Tehran Municipality’s Beautification Organisation. The exhibit features 55 works by cartoonists from different cities nationwide and will be running until October 25.


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