Iran: 'Bully will keep bullying if you let them once' — Zarif on US sanctions

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif took part in a live TV show on the Iranian State TV in Tehran on Saturday, where he talked about the relations with the US in light of its intention to impose «snapback» sanctions on Iran. Zarif said that, «The international community must decide on its own what to do against the bullying.» «It means the US will have the same approach toward the Nord Stream the day after tomorrow, will do the same with the other projects, since a bully will keep bullying if you let them once, and this is the tip that the world is slowly understanding,» added the foreign minister. After a failed US attempt to urge participants of the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal extend an arms embargo on Iran indefinitely, which was voted down by the Security Council in August, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused countries of «siding with Iran's ayatollahs.» The US was reported ready to impose «snapback» sanctions alone, without the UN support.

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