Iran: 30-35 million Iranians still at risk for coronavirus warns Rouhani

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned on Saturday that 30-35 million more Iranians could become infected with coronavirus, according to a recent health ministry report. At a meeting of the nation's coronavirus taskforce in Tehran, the president explained that the health ministry estimates the actual infection numbers in the country to be close to 25 million, well above the officially reported number of 271,606. «If we consider this report as a base, it [the disease] has passed on more than 25 million people in our country, and the rest of the population, around 30-35 million other people might be exposed to catching [the virus] in the future months. In the same report comes that the number of the hospitalised people to be forecast in future is about twice the number we had witnessed during this 150 days,» he said. He also mentioned that officials suspect the outbreak in the country to have stemmed from the provinces of Qom and Gilan after travellers became infected with the virus in Wuhan. Several provinces and cities continue to experience restrictions related to COVID-19, with Tehran on Saturday announcing a week-long ban on religious gatherings and the closure of cafes, zoos, and cinemas, among others.

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