Into the wilderness! Caravan hosts Winter Olympic tourists

In the face of overbooked and expensive Winter Olympic accommodation a winter caravan site at Mount Odae National Park in Jinbu offers a somewhat different alternative. Lee Ji-hwan is the owner of the caravan park which boasts 200 trailers, as seen in footage filmed on Saturday. «Our caravan campsite is very low-price. We have trailers made in Germany and Korea, and customers can choose the... Еще style they prefer,» said Lee Ji-hwan. For Lee Ji-hwan «one of the best advantages in caravan camping is that it only takes 15 minutes to get to the venues.» The caravan costs from $110-130 (€89-105) per night depending on the size of the vehicle, which makes it a relatively low-cost choice in comparison with hotels that might go up to around $800 (€645) per night. Some 200-300 visitors and Olympic staffers reside at the camp site at the moment and according to the proud owner, a few caravans are still vacant and ready to host tourists.

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