International waters: Humanity 'will go down' if climate change not tackled — Pope Francis

Humanity «will go down» if it does not address the issue of climate change, stated Pope Francis as he spoke to press on board of his plane, returning to the Holy See from a trip to Colombia, Monday. «I don't know whether it will take three years or not, but that if we don't go back, we will go down — that [I do know] is true,» he said. The Pontiff noted that «climate change can be seen, its... Еще effects [can be seen],» stressing that scientists already paved the way to solutions aimed at tacking the issue. The pope then underlined that «[everyone has] a moral responsibility» when it comes to this matter, and that «we need to take [this issue] seriously.» Finally, Francis quoted a Psalm of the Old Testament, hclimate change deniers are «stupid.»
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