International Waters: Deflated migrant boat picked up by Sea Watch 3 off Libyan coast

A half deflated boat carrying scores of Libyan migrants was intercepted by Sea Watch 3 ship members during an operation on Monday. The migrant boat had reportedly lost at least five lives during their journey towards Italian shores. Medics were unable to save a child that was pulled on board their vessel, who died during treatment. Sea-Watch Head of Mission, Johannes Bayer, said that the Sea... Еще Watch found the migrant's vessel north of Tripoli, which, «was already partly deflated,» when the rescuers arrived at the scene. He added that 58 people were safe and alive on the ship. Bayer also criticised the methods of the Libyan coast guard dring the operation, saying, «The Libyan coast guard as arrived on the place (sic.) and intercepted in a very dangerous way into the rescue.»
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