Inflatable suit protects from COVID-19 keeping Mexican paramedics cool

The Mexican company XE Medica, which is transferring patients who need hospitalisation, developed an inflatable suit that allows the company's team of paramedics to treat patients with COVID-19 without masks or goggles. The company's staff in Mexico City were seen using the so-called XE Suit which allows the wearer to remain ventilated, Wednesday. «What we were looking for was to make it completely airtight. That was the first detail that interested us. And simultaneously we solved other problems that included, first, the heat and the temperature in this summer sun,” said Fernando Avilez, director of the company XE Medica. The suit has an attached device that sends fresh air inside and a sensor that measures air pressure. It also has a battery that allows it to be used for eight continuous hours and if connected directly to electricity the suit can work indefinitely. The XE Suit was initially developed for paramedics, but the company said it also attracted the interest of dentists because it allows them to treat patients safely and without their plastic masks fogging up.

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