Indonesian dentist creates colourful hazmat suits to avoid scaring patients amid pandemic

An Indonesian dentist has designed fashionable hazmat suits to put patients at ease amid the coronavirus pandemic, as seen in her dental clinic in Malang, East Java, on Tuesday. Nina Augustin chose to wear PPE while treating patients as she realised her profession made her vulnerable to contracting COVID-19, but she didn't want to make patients uncomfortable and «scared.» «Dentist are health workers that more vulnerable to COVID-19 because they have to deal directly with the mouth of a patient,» said Augustin, adding that when the pandemic broke out, hazmat available on the market were only big size. «I didn't feel comfortable because I couldn't move freely with the oversize clothes and also it would accidentally touch my dentist tools, making them not sterile anymore.» The dentist has come up since with 25 different versions of PPE suits, which went viral on social media in Indonesia. She also designed boots that follow safety standards to match her jumpsuit-like hazmat clothes. Augustin also pointed out that the «work on a patient takes a long time» and it can get very hot inside the hazmat suit. With her fashion garment she managed to «create a comfortable feeling» for her and ease patients' anxiety. According to the dentist, the colourful hazmat meets health protocol standards for regular PPE and, most importantly, her patients don't have scared expressions on their faces anymore.

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