Indonesia: Yogyakarta museum takes Hitler waxwork back to storage following outcry

The De Mata De Arca visual effects museum in Yogyakarta apologised on Monday for having put a life-sized waxwork of Adolf Hitler on display after its exhibition sparked international outrage including that of Jewish human rights organizations. The controversial Nazi-themed display featured a life-size wax figure of Hitler standing in front of an image of Auschwitz concentration camp, where an... Еще estimated 1.1 million people died during the Holocaust. «We displayed Hitler figure because we want to educate all of the visitors,» explained the museum operational manager Jamie Misbah. He added, «In the future we won't redisplay the Hitler statue in our museum and I'm really sorry about the situation that happened now.» The Hitler waxwork was removed from public display on Friday night and is now kept in the museum storage.


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