Indonesia: West Java locals call for action on river teeming with trash

Residents of a village in the Bekasi Regency of West Java expressed concern at the pile of trash collecting in their local Bekasi river, footage from Sunday shows. The river's surface and embankments can be seen covered with discarded plastic and organic waste. The pile up of trash was so large it had to be dug out by excavators and carried away by trucks. However, the garbage continued... Еще collect at the river, as one local explained: «Although heavy equipment already cleaned the river, as long as the garbage [will] fill the river, there will be stock piles of garbage again, as you see, so there should be an effective system to prevent this from happening again,» he said. Wahyudin, another local, echoed his remarks, saying «the Indonesian Ministry of Public Works should be working hard on handling this, so this river won't be filled with garbage again.» According to reports, the waste was 50 cm (19.6 inches) deep and covered 1.5 km (0.93 miles) of the river's surface.

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