Indonesia: Thousands pray as animals sacrificed for Eid al-Adha in Jakarta *DISTRESSING CONTENT*

Thousands of people celebrated Eid al-Adha at Jakarta's Al-Azhar Great Mosque on Friday, with animals being slaughtered for the occasion. Worshippers were seen praying on the grounds of the Al-Azhar mosque while wearing masks and respecting social distancing. At least one cow was seen being slaughtered for festivity, while goats were seen being readied for the sacrifice. Eid al-Adha or the 'Festival of the Sacrifice,' is the second of two globally celebrated holidays in Islam, the other being Eid Al-Fitr, with the former honouring Ibrahim or Abraham's will to sacrifice his son to God before Jibra'il, or Gabriel's intervention. Animals are often sacrificed on the holiday to remember Ibrahim's offering.

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