Indonesia: Scores of people evacuated as Mount Sinabung blasts volcanic ash in latest eruption

Dozens of people were evacuated on the island of Sumatra on Saturday, as Mount Sinabung spewed volcanic ash following one of the largest eruptions in the past several months of high activity. As ash filled both the land and the air of its surroundings, evacuees, including the elderly and children, were taken to a safe place in the Karo area. The eruption that took place on Wednesday, August 2... Еще, was the biggest the volcano's activity produced, with billows of ash as high as 4.1 kilometres (2.6 miles) and lava flows. Mount Sinabung became active in 2010, following a period of dormancy. Since then at least 17 people reportedly died from the eruptions and more than 30.000 evacuated their homes.
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