Indonesia: 'Let's do polygamy!' — Dating app relaunches in Jakarta

Indonesian developer Lindu Pranayama demonstrated his online dating app 'Ayo Poligami', which helps married men seek out additional wives using their smartphones, in Jakarta on Thursday. The dating app, translated as «Let's do polygamy,» is a free smartphone app that matches married Muslim men with single women who want to create «big families.» The app developer stressed that despite the fact... Еще that «polygamy is rising now,» the app «had mostly failed because there is no consent from the first wife.» According to Pranayama, the app has attracted more than 56,000 users since its April launch in Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim country where polygamy is legal. The app has sparked controversy, with women's rights campaigners denouncing the app. Following its initial launch, the app was taken down due to concerns over fake accounts and allegations that male members used the app without the consent of their first wives. A new version of the app, launched on October 5, is set to impose stricter rules on its members, requiring them to provide an identification card, marital status and a letter of consent from their first wives.

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